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Thirty thousand scientists sue Al Gore

29th September 2008
The parallels between the environmental fraud and the antismoking fraud is simply astounding. Both environmentalism and antismoking are based on scientific fraud. In both cases, “the debate is over”. By the same token, any and all evidence that the science is junk is ignored. In either case, the mass-media are heavily slanted in favour of one side. The common solution therefore is the use of education, capillary information on the institutional corruption, and the use of force.
It is clear that the groups that fight the global warming fraud is luckier than we are for the process of demonization has not been as long and intense as that of smoking. Furthermore, it is becoming clearer every day that the anti-global warming fraud people are less complacent and have more initiative than the victims of public health. It follows that we should learn from them on how to get organized and how to move in the fight against corrupt public health institutions.
Just watch this video, and the people involved. Al Gore is getting sued for fraud. Well done – and listen to the fanfare! When do we sue the Surgeon General, the American Cancer Society, the Non Smokers Rights Association and all the other crooks who lie as much as environmentalists do?
Watch this video and be inspired. Pay attention to the attitude, the spirit, and the rhetoric. Learn what smokers must do. Never mind the “smoking is bad but…”; forget begging for smoking rooms; disregard the frauds the mass-media distribute; disobey smoking bans.  Get organized and create a support structure first, don’t try to be a foolish hero. The attitude must change radically: the “majority” does not like smoking? Oh, well, too bad for the “majority”! Smokers have rights and will take them with whatever means is necessary.
The joyous rebellion must fortify itself with the knowledge of being right and the faith in the victory against fraud and oppression. With those ingredients in place and in the right order, there is no doubt about who is going to come up on top.

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