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Boris Johnson Room 101 Smoking

5th November 2008
“The passive smoking fraud in comical key” could be an alternative title for this all-British comedy clip which, with good humour, shows how ridiculously slight the exposure to the “carcinogens” in environmental tobacco smoke is.
It is cleat that ETS is a fraud used as a tool to socially denormalize smoking and smokers on the grounds that active smoking “kills," although not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated, therefore the scent (or perhaps the very thought) of somebody else's cigarette "kills" too.

No semblance of sanity is required when it comes to health scares: as we know, science has been turned into a circus of democratic "consensus" – that is, the agreement of prohibitionists' opinions constitutes “scientific proof” – thus completely bypassing the expensive, time-consuming, cumbersome and politically uncomfortable Scientific Method.

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