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Discovering the obvious - once again

12th November 2008
The on-going regression of the ability to understand even the most elementary fact never ceases to amaze us, although it may have some logical explanation.
Pharmaceutical stooge Stanton Glantz.

John Banzhaf, the infamous American bully who uses legal force to get his way.
Garfield Mahood, executive director of the Non-Smoker's Rights Association in Canada, notorious for bullying its way through by pushing statistical frauds on smoking, hatred, pharmaceutical garbage and offensive behaviour.
Spectacular! Watch pictures of the brain of patients like those above in action, and listen to the diagnosis of the doctor. Click here or on the brain picture to the right to watch the video.
It seems that today to understand the obvious a study is needed. Take this one, for example: aggressive teens (AKA bullies) feel pleasure when they are spectators of pain, or when inflicting that pain themselves.
Wow, what a fascinating discovery, it sure took “functional magnetic resonance imaging” technology to figure out what has been known since the beginning of time! When you watch the video, pay attention to the demeanor of the host who describes the "revelation" as if it was the discovery of antigravity!... 

But, seriously, if we put aside for a moment the obvious grant-grabbing motivation behind this “study”, what we are left with is a worrisome condition of veritable intellectual retardation, that leads to the inability to understand the most basic consequence of one’s actions, or motivation in others. That is due to cerebral and intellectual atrophy, very much like what is caused by giving a calculator to a grade three child: the poor kid is damaged permanently, as he will never develop the mental agility to do 3 x 7 when he runs out of batteries. The logical solution to correct that problem is to take calculators away from children, so that they don’t depend on batteries to do math. The solution of the retarded, dysfunctional, nicotine-deprived brains of the school district bureaucrats and teachers is to make the purchase of solar-powered calculators mandatory!
Of course bullies experience pleasure when tormenting their victims! Ask any non smoker bully who has been brainwashed to hate smokers and so he bullies them every time he sees them. Why does he do that? Certainly not because he really believes that passive smoke is going to kill him; but nagging the smokers (and soon the drinkers or, better yet, the fat ones who cannot hide) gives him the feeling of power and importance, thus he experiences pleasure. That is the reason why it is socially very dangerous for the criminal health authorities (veritable bullies themselves) to instigate and justify aggression and persecution of their targets.
Curiously, the article does not suggest a remedy, perhaps because more grants are expected for that. However, even if it provided a remedy, we are certain that it would have consisted of some expensive pharmaceutical trash, or some contorted psychotherapies.
Never mind "behavioural dysfunctions" and all the pseudo-scientific nonsense of researchers in search of fame and grants. There is a simple, inexpensive and immediate cure for bullies of all kind – a cure that has worked since time immemorial and always will: give them a bloody nose. It works all the time without any permanent, chemical damage, because that takes their pleasure away for good, and in a couple of seconds flat. The reason why people like John Banzhaf, Stanton Glantz and Garfield Mahood (pictures on the right) behave as they do is probably because they did not undergo that fast therapy when they were still recoverable -- and look at the number of victims they have created. However, not all hope is lost for those chaps, and they can still be helped with crash therapy, given their advanced age: fortunately, it is never too late to fix a bully.
Smokers, behave accordingly. You don’t need instruments such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (or "experts") to help bullies: nature provided you with a pair of tools that is quite effective.

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