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Second Amendment

17th December 2008
Suzanna Gratia-Happ tells an amazing story.

This video is about Second Amendment rights in the United States, but the spirit of the affair could apply to any stupid laws forced upon the public by their legislators.  It is in reference to gun bans but it could just as easily be applied to smoking bans, alcohol bans, sex-toy bans or any other prohibition, although we hope not with such dire effects.

Suzanna Gratia-Happ tells us of the time when a lunatic entered a restaurant and started shooting randomly at everybody.  Her father rushed the shooter and was instantly shot in the chest.  Her mother knelt beside her father to cradle him while he died.  She too was then shot in the head and killed.   Suzanna herself had left her gun in her car as she had heard it was a felony to carry.  At the end of the video, Suzanna states that she doesn't blame the lunatic (he's a loon), nor does she blames the guns (they didn't pick themselves up and start firing) - she blames her legislators.  She says at the end, that the Second Amendment is in place to protect us from people like YOU (the legislators).  Notice please the guilty faces of her lawmakers.  They know how wrong they are in implementing rules whereby one cannot protect oneself and one's family in horrific tragedies like this.

Thank you, Suzanna, for telling us your story and for telling your lawmakers how far out of touch they are with real life situations.  And this applies to many, many laws now being forced upon an unwary public.

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