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11th February 2009

Public health is going to have a heart attack when they see this place. Perhaps any healthists reading this should stop now.

There's a little piece of heaven at the video link below.  In our healthist culture, one would think that a place that serves "quadruple bypass" burgers and has old Lucky Strike Cigarette ads on the wall would only be allowed if a doctor and a staff of nurses were constantly present.

Well, it turns out that you're right! The place is called "The Heart Attack Grill", owned and operated by "Dr. John" in Chandler, Arizona.  But Dr. John isn't,  you know, technically a "doctor", per se. And his "nursing staff" is a collection of, let's say, "medical professionals" who serve customers delicious quadruple burgers. And, if you're a guy, it may not be the burger that's making you drool.

How's business for Dr. John? Packed to the rafters with smiling and happy customers! (Of course, the news team from the CBS video linked below chose to focus their lens on Dr. John's more rotund customers.)
Dr. John was even so courteous to voluntarily put a prominent sign on the front door providing a warning for the health conscious. It reads "Caution: This Establishment is BAD for your health!" in red letters.

"I run, perhaps, the only honest restaurant in America," says Dr. John.

FORCES salutes Dr. John and The Heart Attack Grill. Dr. John knows what his customers want, he provides it to them, and he makes people happy. He embodies the spirit and creativity of entrepreneurship.

Perhaps the thing we like most about The Heart Attack Grill is that it doesn't pretend that people are stupid. Even if someone is somehow uninformed, it seems that everyone is capable of choosing between their costs and benefits in a place where every burger is called a "bypass burger", and the staff walks around in mock medical outfits. "Our motto is simple", Dr. John says; "A taste worth dying for."

I don't doubt that at all. Those with special health considerations can easily avoid places like The Heart Attack Grill. Otherwise, what healthy person wouldn't stop in?

Hats off to The Heart Attack Grill. If we're ever in Chandler, Arizona, we're going in for a "bypass".

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