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HairyChestnuts, mathematical genius

11th March 2009
This video by Hairy Chestnuts is recommended viewing. Hairy opens up by making fun of himself, then he makes fun of his government’s mathematical "intelligence" and pretzo-logics, to say nothing of the mental fixation with numbers and statistics of governments in general.

The mass-media, of course, report those numbers mindlessly, without even caring to add them up and find out that they don't square, thus demonstrating to be as idiotic as governments themselves are.

Particularly, Hairy concentrates on the “cost of smokers” propaganda, which has nothing to do with science and everything to do with social and ideological fraud.

This is a video to be taken seriously, because we need to realize what kind of criminals public health is made of nowadays, and also understand that we have to use whatever force is necessary to get rid of them – and save ourselves from bankruptcy and fascism.

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