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From the ETS sections as well as the Ethics and Policies sections it is crystal-clear that the dangers of passive smoking are a fabrication based on unethical statistical methodology. Why, then, public health authorities endorse that fabrication to the point of prohibition and enormous propaganda budgets? Can’t they read? Are they that incompetent? No, they are not; but they see the passive smoking issue as an essential tool to create a more and more hostile social environment for the smoker, so that he quits active smoking that, they believe, “causes” so many deaths and diseases. It is incontrovertible that the top health authorities of the world, through the official reports below, want to create that environment. It is equally incontrovertible that those authorities have made the conscious decision to turn to fraud and misrepresentation to eradicate a time-honoured habit for which they cannot scientifically prove one fatality. This section therefore represents the twilight between junk science and ideology.

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