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Fanatic ideologues such as environmental groups and “health” advocacy groups – and the media that support them – almost automatically accuse those who don’t agree with their ideology or their “scientific” claims to be paid off by the industry or by the interests that they fight. The immature and automatic implication is that they are “so right” that only the corrupt (or the ignorant) would disagree.

The fact is that those who have a persuasion – no matter what it is – need financial means to spread their conviction and prevent their opposition from forcing their ways of life; if their persuasions coincide with some commercial interest, the alliance is natural. That universal law, however, becomes a sin and a lack of credibility only for the opponent.

Antismoking groups, for example, love to accuse real grass-root groups like FORCES to be paid off by Big Tobacco although that has never been the case. That is because FORCES promotes a way of life and scientific information that is contrary to their political agenda.

However these groups, institutions and organizations are regularly paid off by the pharmaceutical industry that has an obvious interest in smoking demonization and prohibition. Indeed those groups exist EXCLUSIVELY because of that financing.

In this constantly updated section we procure documentation to this effect. If, by receiving financing, one automatically becomes not credible then, because of its pharmaceutical financing, Tobacco Control is the last entity in the world that should be believed.

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