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The majority of studies reported in this portal are examples of epidemiological junk science that comes, unfortunately, from a decay of ethics and integrity. Some of them, however, stand out for exceptional lack of ethics and disregard for the slightest scientific procedure – a practice that borders with outright fraud. For those studies and “scientific statements” we have established this section.

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  • Smoke-free Legislation and Hospitalizations for Acute Coronary Syndrome

    Author(s): Jill P. Pell, Sally Haw, Stuart Cobbe, David E. Newby, Alastair C.H. Pell,Colin Fischbacher, Alex McConnachie, Stuart Pringle, David Murdoch, Frank Dunn, Keith Oldroyd, Paul MacIntyre, Brian O’Rourke, William Borland
    Article Published: 2008/07/31
    Type: Political
    Funding Source: Supported by a NHS Health Scotland project grant and salary support from the British Heart Foundation. Dr. Dunn reports receiving grant support from Atherogenics, Merck Sharp and Dohme, and Novartis. Dr. Oldroyd reports receiving consulting fees from Medt
    Published By: N Engl J Med 2008;359:482-91

    Keywords: fraud, ban, passive, smoking, ETS, bans, Pell, Haw, Cobbe, Newby, Fischbacher, McConnachie, Pringle, Murdoch, Dunn, Oldroyd, MacIntyre, O’Rourke, Borland

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  • Brief Secondhand Smoke Exposure Depresses Endothelial Progenitor Cells Activity and Endothelial Function

    Author(s): Christian Heiss, Nicolas Amabile,Andrew C. Lee,Wendy May Real,Suzaynn F. Schick, David Lao, Maelene L. Wong, Sarah Jahn, Franca S. Angeli, Petros Minasi, Matthew L. Springer, S. Katharine Hammond, Stanton A. Glantz, William Grossman, John R. Balme
    Article Published: 2008
    Type: Experimental and Technical
    Published By: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Vol. 51, No. 18

    Keywords: fraud, endothelial, passive, smoking, ETS, bans, Heiss, Amabile, Lee, Real, Schick, Lao, Wong, Jahn, Angeli, Minasi, Springer, Hammond, Glantz, Grossman, Balme

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  • Metabolites of a Tobacco-Specific Lung Carcinogen in Nonsmoking Casino Patrons - Let us debunk this right here and now

    Author(s): Kristin E. Anderson,1,2 Jen Kliris,1 Lois Murphy,Steven G. Carmella, Shaomei Han, Carrie Link,Robin L. Bliss, Susan Puumala, Sharon E. Murphy, Stephen S. Hecht
    Article Published: 2004
    Type: Articles and Dissertations
    Published By: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2003 Dec;12(12):1544-6

    Keywords: casino, passive, smoking, ETS, environmental, tobacco, smoke, Anderson, Kliris, Murphy, Carmella, Han, Link, Bliss, Puumala, Murphy, Hecht

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  • Particulate matter from tobacco versus diesel car exhaust: an educational perspective

    Author(s): G. Invernizzi, A. Ruprecht, R. Mazza, E. Rossetti, A. Sasco, S. Nardini, R. Boffi
    Article Published: 2004
    Type: Experimental and Technical
    Published By: Tobacco Control 2004;13:219–221(English); Tabaccologia 2007; 2: 16-18 (Italian)

    Keywords: PM, particulate, matter, diesel, passive, smoke, environmental, tobacco, smoke, ETS, Invernizzi, Ruprecht, Mazza, Rossetti, Sasco, Nardini, Boffi

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  • Real-time Measurement of Indoor Particulate Matter Originating from Environmental Tobacco Smoke: a Pilot Study

    Author(s): Giovanni Invernizzi, Ario Ruprecht, Roberto Mazza, Edoardo Majno, Edoardo Rossetti, Paolo Paredi, Roberto Boffi
    Article Published: 2002
    Type: Experimental and Technical
    Published By: Epidemiology and Prevention 2002; 26:30-34

    Keywords: indoor, particulate, matter, PM, ETS, passive, smoke, environmental, Invernizzi, Ruprecht, Mazza, Majno, Rossetti, Paredi, Boffi

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  • Effect of the Italian Smoking Ban on Population Rates

    Author(s): Giulia Cesaroni, Francesco Forastiere, Nera Agabiti, Pasquale Valente, Piergiorgio Zuccaro, Carlo A. Perucci
    Article Published: 2005
    Type: Population
    Funding Source: Lazio Region Health Authority
    Significance: Statistically Significant Negative

    Published By: Circulation. 2008;117:1183-1188

    Keywords: fraud, misrepresentation, ETS, ban, passive, smoking, cadiovascular, CVD, manipulation, Cesaroni, Forastiere, Agabiti, Valente, Zuccaro, Perucci

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