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One common position of many doctors and “public health” institutions is what they consider “moral”: not telling smokers what is good for their health while they continue to smoke. That is because “public health” does not want to be perceived as endorsing smoking, which is contrary to its “ideology” of abstention. That is part of the “quit or die” approach, which is absolutely contrary to the very foundations of medicine and also utterly immoral. As a reductio ad absurdum, lifestyles that bear scientifically demonstrated dangers and are very harmful to Public Health – such as promiscuous homosexual activities – enjoy wide support and counselling of doctors and “public health” institutions, and homosexuals are told how to keep in good health while maintaining their lifestyle choices. That is because such dangerous activities are now “socially acceptable,” therefore they "qualify" to receive advice while not being told to abstain, and (real) science no longer matters. This section will attempt to compensate for the medical information withheld from smokers, who neither deserve to quit, nor deserve to die. We emphasise that readers should not "check their brains at the door" of this portal, nor at any time anywhere, in considering scientific evidence. Read these papers critically. Consider the quality of methods used. We include studies here which may be of interest in various ways from various perspectives. Some may seem more plausible than others but the inclusion of studies here by no means suggests endorsement either of their methods or their conclusions. We guarantee you will find points of interest in these papers. Judge for yourself their relative validity and value (or lack of same.)

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