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Any dissent – even the slightest – from the Tobacco Control mantra is punished severely for a reason: the people of the world MUST believe that “tobacco kills” in any form. There are no alternatives. There is no argument. It is ideology. Science is irrelevant, all frauds and exaggerations go and – what is most contemptible – they become moral, as the ends justify the means. The persecuted must stay silent. Dissenters must be outcast, prosecuted and punished. The smoking victims must be grateful for the bestowed “tough love”, and those who are not must be MADE to behave as if they were through laws and social denormalization. This mentality, frighteningly similar to that which devastated Europe in the 30s on both side of the future Iron Curtain, is what prevails in the “public health” movement today. This section is dedicated to those scientists whom, in various degrees, denounced the Tobacco Controls’ epidemiological frauds and propaganda. Their revolting stories speak for themselves – and define who are the real enemies of science and, eventually, of the people.

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