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The History of Tobacco Regulation - Forward to the Past | Filip Palda
Article Published: 2000

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: Public Policy Sources, The Fraser Institute

Further Information

The social cancer of tobacco regulation and control is well analyzed in this essay by the Fraser Institute of Canada. It contains surprising information.

Revisiting the history of tobacco regulation in Canada and United States reveals interesting facts that are hidden by the propaganda. For example, everybody thinks that the use of tobacco was thriving in the 1950s and that it started declining after the US Surgeon General Report of 1964. That is not so; the decline actually started in the 1950s, when advertising was as its peak and freedom of information was respected.

Although some epidemiological junk science is credited in this work, this paper constitutes an educational reading that highlights how Tobacco Control represents mainly one thing: a big money grab.

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