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Pharma companies offer NHS 'cash-back' on smoking cessation products: believe it, it’s true | Pharmafocus
Article Published: 2002

Type: Political
Published By: Pharmafocus

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Leading pharmaceutical companies in the smoking cessation market have struck a groundbreaking deal with the Government to offer 'cash-back' to the NHS to encourage uptake of the products.

Novartis Consumer Healthcare, Pharmacia, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health and GlaxoSmithKline are all participating in the new rebate scheme for local health economies, which has been launched as a part of a new Government anti-smoking campaign.

The scheme will give PCTs rebates on smoking cessation products sold above an as yet unannounced threshold, intended to allow local health services to invest more in the products.

There are several natural questions that should arise in any rational mind once this section of The Evidence has been examined.
  • When “public health” public entities get cash back from private pharmaceutical multinationals, aren’t they violating the sacred trust of the people?
  • If they get paid just like salesmen do, don’t they have an interest in pushing the products of those who pay them?
  • That being the case, how can they be believed when they say that “smoking kills”?
  • Why are politicians not addressing this blatant corruption that is in the face of every citizen?
  • Has fabricating statistical mortality become the licence for public corruption?
  • Do we still have any moral standard left, or is it a case of anything goes under the thin veneer of “public health”?

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