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Big Drug's Nicotine War | Wanda Hamilton
Article Published: 2008

Type: Investigative Research
Funding Source: Unpaid volunteer work
Published By: FORCES International - Original publication date: July 13, 2001

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FORCES International is pleased to reintroduce to its readers this cogent and important research work by Wanda Hamilton on the political and financial motivations in the wars for the control of the nicotine world market. Published in 2001 by FORCES International, this work is still absolutely contemporary, and it demonstrates the immense financial and political interests of pharmaceutical conglomerates that are at the base of the world-wide campaigns of false information on smoking and other lifestyles. Although the work examines mainly the political theatre of the United States, it applies equally and vividly to all nations, as the campaign of deception applies at the planetary level in this time of globalization.

At stake is the control of one of the largest markets known to humanity, with well over a billion customers on the planet. The actual and projected financial returns to the pharmaceutical multinationals from smoking "cessation" (which, in reality, is not cessation, but a different way to consume nicotine) are truly staggering, and well beyond the imagination of the layperson. They are certainly worth the multi-billion dollar investments by the multinationals in the ongoing corruption of international and national institutions. Media control and political control are manipulated to the end of pervasive population control.

The rigorous documentation in this well-researched article proves these points conclusively, and also helps the reader to recognise the blueprint for other future — and very profitable — enterprises in the name of "health," such as, for example, the campaigns against fat and those against alcohol.

Unbeknown to the masses (that are fed only strictly controlled information by mass-media that are now largely dependent on pharmaceutical income), the pharmaceutical industry and its political marionettes in the ministries of health and medical associations are installing an endless series of laws, regulations, jurisprudence and mechanisms that are designed to bypass democratic structures and impose mass-behaviour and ideology directly from the multinationals, through the false and piloted information and "studies" information that are systematically disseminated by both the health authorities and directly-financed activist groups.

As “public health” has become the ideological and political strong arm of Big Pharma, knowledge of the systemic corruption induced by this monster industry is vital to fighting what “public health” has become, and to prevent the total cultural assimilation of the people into becoming merely consumers of pharmaceutical products and slaves of a fraudulent system. This document is a must-read for all.


I - The Nicotine War: a Chronology

II – Pharmaceutical Players

III – Gold in Nicotine

IV – The Demonization of the Tobacco Industry

V – The Feds and the Pharms: an Unhealthy Alliance

VI – The Feds and the Pharms, Part 2: The FDA

VII – The Pharms and Doctors: Corrupting Medicine

VIII – The Pharms and the Non-Profits: Buying Respectability and So Much More

IX – The Safety and Efficacy of "Smoking Cessation" Drugs

X – The Marketing of Smoking Cessation Drugs

XI – Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Money

XII – Conclusions: Saving lives or Pushing Drugs and Agendas?


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