Reflections On The Safer Cigarette Debate



Among the incredible aspects of antismoking, the Greatest Fraud of the 20th Century, there is one that the public seldom knows about. When it comes to the question of safer cigarettes, the anti-smoking cartel can be counted on for a particularly vivid display of its multiple-personality disorder.

  • It accuses the tobacco industry of attempting to develop and market safer cigarettes in order to "deceive the public" into a belief that smoking can be made safer.
  • It also accuses the tobacco companies of failing to make safer cigarettes when "the industry surely knows" this is possible!
  • When the tobacco industry works with university research centres on such projects, the anti-smokers picket to call for an end to the "unethical" work, as happened in British Columbia, Canada, several years ago.
  • When the tobacco industry does work on its own, the work is rejected as biased.

Curiously (and the adverb is rhetorical), those paladins of integrity stay totally silent when pharmaceutically-funded anti-smoking junk science is produced en masse to create the most absurd and unproven associations between smoking and disease to justify more repression, slander, and taxation.

The truth is this: if an absolutely safe cigarette were created today, the antis would be in big trouble, since it would put their lucrative prohibition crusade out of business, and foil their sponsors’ plans to replace cigarettes with nicotine patches. Although solid proof of a cause-and-effect relationship between cancer and smoking has not been established and statistical associations are not as meaningful as they might be since THE ETIOPATHOGENESIS OF CANCER IS NOT KNOWN, the association between lung cancer and smoking implicates smoking as a significant risk factor.

FORCES therefore supports a search for safer cigarettes, since such products would benefit smokers. If the antis were as concerned about people’s health as they claim to be, they’d be behind this research 100%.

So, even in the absurd assumption that all the diseases attributed to smoking are caused by it, and choosing to disregard the benefits of smoking, who are the real criminals" The accused, or the accusers"

Food for thought on a little-known aspect of the Tobacco Wars.

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