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doc04.gif (346 bytes)Virus Blamed for all Cervical Cancers - Those who are in the movement fighting the scientific frauds of the anti-tobacco cartel certainly remember the media blitz about cervical cancer being caused by smoking. "Now fresh evidence suggests that a virus may be the sole cause of cervical cancer - adding weight to calls for new tests and vaccines."   The media is strangely silent on the issue.
Studies Implicate HPV in Bladder Cancer, HPV May Be The Key To "Excess Smoking Risk" - With state of the art detection techniques, HPV is now found in nearly 100% of cervical cancers. HPV infection is more common among smokers due to riskier sexual behavior, which resulted in confounding in older studies that falsely implicated smoking.
Cervical Cancer - Note that despite the publication in April 1996, in JNCI Monograph 21, of the NIH Consensus Statement on cervical cancer that is tantamount to abandoning the claim that smoking causes cervical cancer, in 1997 JNCI still published two letters attempting to insinuate that there is such a connection.
Smoking and Cervical Cancer - In a recent paper, A N Phillips and George Davey demonstrated mathematically that smoking could be falsely blamed for cervical cancer by failure to detect all exposure to a causative pathogen with a high risk...


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