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Pascal Salin

Pascal Salin is professor of Economics at the Université Paris Dauphine.

He is the author of eleven books, dozens of scholarly papers, and hundreds of articles in which he explains and develops economic science and courageously advocates individual liberty. He has been the academic teacher of Bertrand Lemennicier, Georges Lane, Frédéric Sautet, Cécile Philippe, Véronique de Ruge, Philippe Lacoude, François Guillaumat, and many other vigorous and original champions of a free society.

Throughout his career, he has earned great distinctions and gained enthusiastic followers, not least of all because his patient intellectual prowess combines with the elegant civility of a gentleman of the old French school.

He is a columnist for the Paris daily "Le Figaro", and has been president of the prestigious Mont Pélerin Society.

In 2000, he published a treatise on Liberalism - the first comprehensive restatement of libertarian doctrine by a major European academic since Ludwig von Mises's Liberalism in the 1920s. Here he delivered, among other things, a sweeping critique of the notion that democracy, not private property, is the distinguishing mark of a free society. He rebuts the fantastic claims of those who justify government interventionism with the perceived, or imagined, need to protect the environment.

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