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Chris Tame

Dr. Chris R Tame (1950-2006) was a leading light of the Libertarian movement in Great Britain and a veteran fighter in the "tobacco wars". He served as a director of the U.K. smoker's rights group FOREST, and  continued to fight intrusive health paternalism in his capacity as director of the pro-freedom Libertarian Alliance think-tank and pressure group, as well as in a multitude of published articles.

Tame was widely regarded as one of Britain's foremost figures in pushing forward the cause of market-oriented ideas in Britain during and after the Thatcher period. His work on various topics from a Libertarian perspective was published in outlets ranging from newspapers to academic journals.

He was also an experienced radio and TV broadcaster with some 700 appearances to his credit, as well as a TV scriptwriter, lecturer and consultant. Tame was, in addition, a public affairs consultant whose clients included both commercial businesses and government entities.

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