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Joe Jackson

JOE JACKSON is one of the most exciting and innovative musicians to emerge from the British 'New Wave' scene of the late 70s / early 80s. Jackson is a classically-trained musician and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music.

Although he is best known for his first album LOOK SHARP and the highly successful Night and Day, his body of work is large and diverse and includes the '40s swing tribute Jumpin' Jive, several film scores including Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker, and a non-traditional Grammy award-winning Symphony. He has also written a widely-praised book, A Cure for Gravity ("a book about music thinly disguised as a memoir"). A new live album, Afterlife, was released in March 2004.

Jackson was until recently based in New York but is now UK-based again. He has written articles in the New York Times and the London Daily Telegraph protesting the depressed and over-regulated state of New York nightlife in general and the smoking ban in particular. He has has also become an activist with FORCES, N.Y.C. C.L.A.S.H., and FOREST against junk science and smoking bans. For the text of the articles and other information, visit

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