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Pierre Lemieux

Economist and author Pierre Lemieux is Visiting Professor in the Department of Administrative Sciences, Université du Québec à Hull (Canada), and co-chairman of the GREL (Groupe de Recherche Économie et Liberté).

He has written numerous books on economics and libertarian topics, including Du libéralisme à l'anarcho-capitalisme (1983); La souveraineté de l'individu (1987) and L'anarcho-capitalisme (1988). An English language version of his book Smoking and Liberty: Government as a Public Health Problem (Montréal: Varia Press, 1997) is available and his articles in English have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Independent Review, The National Post, and the Financial Post, among others.

Recent articles on the topic of smoking and health fascism include Perfume of Prometheus, and WHO's Whiteshirts.

An essay on the economics of smoking appears on the Library of Economics and Liberty website.

Click here to visit Mr. Lemieux personal web site.
More information on Mr. Lemieux from Wikipedia (French)

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