Is active smoking as deadly as the propaganda tells us? Is it true that there is a unanimous “consensus”? Is smoking actually killing millions of people a year around the world? Smoking has been statistically associated with over 100 diseases, and this section does not cannot report all the studies on all the diseases. Nevertheless, you will find here much material that you probably won’t find anywhere else, for the simple reason that it has been either ignored or suppressed.

Cigarette Smoking and Health Characteristics

Since 1965 it has been know that moderate smokers fare better health-wise than do non-smokers. This huge study by Vital ...
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How many people does smoking actually kill?

In the world of psychology, Hans Jürgen Eysenck needs no introduction. It is sufficient to consult Wikipedia, for example, to ...
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Smoking and cervical cancer

As it is clear that antismoking propaganda associates active and passive smoking with almost any disease conceivable, cervical cancer could ...
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