Today it seems that criticizing the attitude and the validity of the research of those who push a panic button every day is “unethical”, thus the “ethical” behaviour seems to be that of corroborating fear and apprehension about all and every enjoyment of life. But is that a moral or a scientific position? These articles explore the vanishing boundary between scientific rigor and social activism, where the former is expected to adapt and become a servant of the latter.


Contribution of the environment to cancer incidence: an epidemiologic exercise

Author: Gio Batta Gori Significance: Published: J. Natl Cancer Inst, Vol. 58, No. 4, April 1977 Funding: Keywords: Gori, epidemiology, ...

The costly illusion of regulating unknowable risks

Uncommon but alarming man-made toxic episodes have occasioned regulation to ensure the safety of novel and commonly used substances and ...