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  • The Spirit of Salem goes global

    Author: Mike Fitzpatrick
    Article Published: 10/09/97

    A left-wing journal examines the modern phenomenon of health scares and other bugaboos. A review of several new books on the subject of "why we live in a world of moral panics and witch-hunts." From the September, 1997, issue of Living Marxism, by Mike Fitzpatrick

  • Dust; The New Villain

    Author: Marla Cone
    Article Published: 26/09/03

    In the first comprehensive look at contaminants inside households, scientists have found dozens of toxic chemicals in indoor air and dust, suggesting that exposure to hormone-altering compounds is common in American homes. The study of 120 homes in Cape Cod, Mass., discovered 67 compounds in dust and air, dominated by chemicals found in plastics, detergents and cosmetics such as nail polish, perfumes and hairsprays. Insecticides and flame retardants used in foam furnishings were also commonplace. One thing they didn't find was dust from tobacco smoke. That's too bad because if smoke did leave a dust tail of destruction the researchers could have stopped their quest to find out why Cape Cod has a high prevalence of breast cancer. Although even anti-tobacco long ago exonerated smoking as an agent for breast cancer any hint that smoking is present when ailments erupt is always good news for the grant-junkie crowd. What catches the eye is the list of "dangerous" devices found in the homes of elite Cape Cod. Plastic, nail polish, perfume, hairspray and detergent. These commodities are found in every American household, coast to coast, upper to lower class. Despite the ubiquity of these substances the researchers would have us believe that they are responsible for the high breast cancer rate in Cape Cod. Like Marin County -- California's most affluent county -- Cape Cod does have a troubling high rate of breast cancer, much higher than the average rate in this country. Instead of focusing on what differentiates the women who inhabit these elite areas from women living in middle-class enclaves, researchers bend over backwards to avoid examining subjects that are beyond the pale for the politically correct. For instance as a group these women hold off on having children, giving birth for the first time long after the average age. This condition may have nothing to do with breast cancer but it to ignore that difference while focusing on conditions that are common to all American women indicates agenda making research at the expense of scientific rigor. "This is a wake-up call," shrieks Linda Birnbaum, chief of experimental toxicology at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "These chemicals are all over, and are these things that we really want all over? That's the question we have to address." No Linda, the question we have to address is not whether they are "all over" but whether they cause harm. Secondhand smoke is "all over" many demographics where breast cancer is not as high as in Cape Cod where secondhand smoke is not "all over". Finger nail polish is "all over" yet women in Marin are more at risk for breast cancer than their less affluent sisters in San Francisco. This study doesn't provide any new insights into breast cancer but it does provide more excuses to get the government into our homes and, better still, shakedown more corporations.

  • Shun smokers

    Author: Michael Siegel
    Article Published: 30/06/2206

    Last week the Surgeon General of the United States advised Americans to ostracize smokers. Although such a tactic has been advocated by tobacco control for quite some time, Dr. Michael Siegel, himself a tobacco control advocate, is troubled by the apparent effort to stigmatize smokers as somehow beyond the pale of human society. As a tactical matter advocating shunning smokers as a way to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke undermines tobacco control's rationalization for smoking bans. Since nonsmokers for years have not had to expose themselves to tobacco smoke, except when they do so voluntarily by patronizing private establishments that permit smoking, nonsmokers already "shun" smokers if they choose not to step into the places where smoking occurs. In other words people already shun tobacco smoke and have no problem with smokers. The Surgeon General's rhetoric, whether intentional or note, is both hateful and unneeded.

  • Doing the right thing

    Author: Michael Siegel
    Article Published: 30/06/2206

    Speaking of being shunned, truth teller Michael Siegel has been getting the cold shoulder (and worse) from his peers in the tobacco control movement. Apparently demonstrating that anti-tobacco organizations are dispensing faulty science is a faux pas among those who aim to prohibit smoking by any means necessary. Interestingly those who deplore Dr. Siegel criticism of tobacco control are more concerned with him speaking out publicly than with the criticism itself. To his credit he recognizes the importance of openly debating tobacco control issues rather than keeping the dirty laundry within the family.

  • Electric blankets cause cancer

    Article Published: 24/05/2007

    In a “twofer” from grant-infused junk “scientists” we read that the homey electric blanket causes womb cancer. The primary purpose of this study is to reduce or eliminate the usage of a device that utilizes energy. As we all know, listening daily to the incessant barrage of climate change hysteria, energy consumption is causing the globe to heat up, leading to the death of the planet as we know it. The secondary purpose, of course, is to scare the public needlessly, moving it closer to the goal of converting it to a helpless paralysis making it ripe for a system that imposes total control upon its citizens. Because the “researchers'” conclusions on the risks of womb cancer being caused by electric blankets are so laughingly low, the reporter in the final paragraph throws in the total number of womb tumors documented in a “major research project” that examines 19,000 women in the United States. This total is completely irrelevant to the story but at least it is a real number rather than the puny percentages that result from the study. Based on this study electric blankets are the least of anyone’s worries.

  • 'If you're fat you most probably won't get that job'

    Author: Elin Pinnell
    Article Published: 19/04/2007

    Many if not most readers of this site will recall the days when smokers were regarded as people, not pathetic, skanky addicts whose very presence poisoned entire communities at a single puff. The people who brought us hatred of smokers continue to work their foul spell on the overweight. First, “studies” spring up in the media like mushrooms after a rain telling everyone how obesity is linked with various diseases and how employers should suspect lower productivity and fear future healthcare costs (a particularly compelling worry in the US where there is no national health system). Now – bingo! Surveys show that employers are less inclined to hire the overweight. There’s probably nothing new about that – attractive, fit-looking people have always had an advantage in our culture. But in the current climate, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that employers are inclined to be more discriminatory than ever before. The new twist now is to look on being overweight as a “disability” in order to protect them from discrimination. Pretty diabolical—we’re deeply stigmatizing people while simultaneously encouraging them to think of themselves as victims needing “help” from external programs. So does this mean that EVERYTHING which “could lead” to a chronic disease should finally be regarded as a disability? With fat, we’re making a “disability” out of something which is, at least to a large extend, simply an instance of normal human variation. We’re pathologizing another aspect of life for purposes that could include both exploitation of the system by the “disabled” person, and exclusion or “special” treatment by government and institutions.

  • Rush Limbaugh discovers what we knew all along: antismokers are Nazis

    Author: FORCES
    Article Published: 01/05/2007

    I mentioned this early on in the program, and I just now getting time to get around to it. A friend of mine sent me something today that I had not seen before, and I looked and said, "Ah, I'm not even sure this is genuine." Things can be Photoshopped and so forth, and later on I got the documentation to it. What I have here, we're going to put this on the website. It is a page from a book, chapter 6, page 174 of a book called Auf der Wacht from 1941. It is a picture of a jackbooted thug, a foot kicking out of a room, a cigar, a cigarette and a pipe, a Nazi foot, a Nazi soldier foot. In fact, the cigar band has a racist caricature of a black person. — Rush Limbaugh on his radio show April 26, 2007 Wow! Too much?... Not quite, really. Sure, the racial and religious elements are not there, but the rest is. Let’s see: The Nazis, like their fascist friends, wanted a private industry that was strictly regulated by the state in production quality, marketing, advertising, and economic priorities. What is healthism advocating? The Nazis advocated a stark lifestyle based on privation, as privation is virtue. What is “public health” promoting? The Nazis brainwashed the youth on the myths of health. What is happening in today's schools? Being healthy as an adult was a citizen’s duty and not a choice: a good Nazi wouldn’t drink, smoke, or eat fatty foods. What do you see today? Nazis were the “developers” of multifactorial epidemiology junk science (the first ones, in fact, to apply it to smoking). On what “science” are public policies based today? A Nazi would not be open to debating “facts” and beliefs, loudly proclaiming his views were simply unquestionable, true and absolute. Have you tried to engage an antismoking activist in a public or private debate, recently? Any amount of dissent was treason to the “holy” cause. Ask any scientist who disagrees in the slightest with antitobacco's junk science (or methods) how his dissent is regarded. The Nazis wanted segregation of the Jews, who were to be set apart from the Arians. Antismokers are pushing for government regulation that forces landlords to designate percentages of their available apartments as "non smoking", that percentage to be constantly diminished just as the Warsaw ghetto shrank to zero when the Nazis were in control. In Ontario already, the government itself is following this despicable path. Finally, the Nazis spoke of freedom too—"freedom from" (disease, Jews, vices, etc), that is—and to obtain that, no means was illicit. And today? Aren't we advocating a smoke(r)-free society, and want to be free from being fat and from cigarettes? Actually, that's the law! We could go on with our examples, but let stop here. You may not like what you read now... but face it: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… what do you think it is—even when the feathers have been plucked?...

  • Coming Soon: Bloomberg to issue all New Yorkers protective helmets

    Article Published: 02/05/2007

    Creepy Bloomberg-driven New York is at the service of Big Pharma. Yep, it is clear that the administration has "made a deal". Distribution of condoms, nicotine patches, even a little cash on the side for “good behaviour”. It would be interesting to know how much these little, tax-payer funded pharmaceutical commercial promotions put in the pocket of the interested parties, although no one can exclude the sick and fanatic element that drives idiots to do it for free -- considering the wealth of Bloomberg, which is as obvious as it is misplaced. This perverted, paternalistic deformation of the Mafia Godfather wants to give New Yorkers incentives, so that they become like him. May God protect New Yorkers, then – and take Bloomberg with Him ASAP… better yet, may He send Bloomberg to his former Lieutenant down below, where Mickey will certainly be amongst friends. There are smokers in heaven, after all.

  • Bad driving; the new holocaust

    Author: Bob Roberts
    Article Published: 24/04/2007

    Deadlier than war and disease, poor driving habits must be addressed and controlled by international organizations operating at the behest of the United Nations. Tony Blair of the United Kingdom says so and since that country defines an activist public health establishment like no other the policy knives are being sharpened to excise the problem. What the hysterical rhetoric reveals is the implicit admission that the United Nations and its member states have failed in relieving the real problems that plague the planet. When the ruling elite claims that bad driving is worse than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, which continue to devastate the developing world, it admits that Public Health, as practised by the U.N., is useless in improving the lives of the billions of poor that inhabit the earth. Displacement, whereby the governing class obscures its failures by focusing on “problems” that shouldn’t be of concern to Public Health, is a confidence racket. Smoking, drinking, eating, driving, cell phone using, shopping and all the rest of the activities under attack are trivialities that are of concern or interest only to those who enjoy them. Turning over driving to the United Nations is a con job.

  • Bingo lights up Scottish political campaign

    Author: Belinda Cunnison
    Article Published: 01/05/2007

    Everybody acknowledges that the smoking ban has devastated the bingo clubs in Scotland. Independent bingo operator Martin Carroll has been so badly hit by the ban, that he has become a candidate for the regional list seat of Glasgow in Thursday's Scottish general election, on the ticket of amending the smoking ban to allow separate rooms for smokers, where space allows, and otherwise to allow licensees discretion.

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