Raise taxes on cigarettes and people will do anything to avoid it.&nbsp; Taxes that are too high on a legal product promote smuggling. A truckload of cheap cigarettes can lead to a profit of one million dollars.<br />
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State legislators in Minnesota better rethink adding any more tax for cigarettes.<br type="_moz" />


There are 28 exemptions that have been added to the House ban on smoking and they keep coming.&nbsp; The debate is still hot and a long way from being over.&nbsp; Some believe that when all is said and done there will be no state ban this year.<br type="_moz" />

Department of Health in the UK

Anti-smoking campaigns and laws have turned smokers into a despised underclass, a study by a Department of Health adviser warned yesterday.
<p>It said smokers have come to be seen as disgusting and dirty and are increasingly becoming regarded as outcasts.</p>
<p>The study, published by Cambridge University Press, suggests the tightening of laws controlling smoking, mean smokers are held in contempt by the non-smoking majority.<br />
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That was always the intention of the anti-smoking movement to demonize, dehumanize and cause hatred through fake unsubstantiated fear against smokers.&nbsp; What is unusual is that this study was actually picked up and printed by the press. Professor Hilary Graham, the author, obviously didn’t get the memo that it is a hate campaign, and that goal was never&nbsp; meant to be put in writing let alone be published in the press.</p>

The Fox Five

One neighbor complained about another neighbor who was smoking in their own backyard. The complainant took it to the City Council in Kalifornia who actually contemplated banning smoking on one’s own private property. They have now dropped that thought due to all the negative comments and complaints.&nbsp; Have a look at what the Fox Five had to say….. <a href="http://nation.foxnews.com/anti-smoking/2012/02/27/five-take-anti-smoking-police">Click here</a>.<br />


<p>THE Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP) lamented Monday the position taken by the Nationalist People&rsquo;s Coalition (NPC) in opposing the bill that aims to increase the taxes for alcohol and tobacco products.<br />
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Stop whinning, you have overstepped and your days are over.</p>


Hawaii has a bill that will increase the tax on cigarettes by $3.20.&nbsp;
<p>The proposed legislation comes as some state lawmakers are looking to close a loophole in the state’s tobacco tax law that makes <a href="http://www.csnews.com/search-smokeless_tobacco.html">smokeless tobacco products</a> and <a href="http://www.csnews.com/search-little_cigars.html">little cigars</a> cost-friendlier alternatives to cigarettes.<br />
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What are those legislators drinking or has the sun cooked their brains?&nbsp; This makes no sense at all.</p>


About half of the bars or taverns in Pennsylvania allow smoking.&nbsp; Now three years later the anti’s are trying to defeat those exemptions.<br />
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This is what one patron said, Bob Stabryla, 52, of Shavertown, said supporters of a total ban &quot;can stick it in their a–.&quot; Currently, whether a bar allows smoking determines whether he’ll patronize it.<br />
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Amen to that!<br type="_moz" />

Costa Rica

The World Health Organization is pushing for a smoking ban in Costa Rica. <br />
<p>The Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Affiliates (CACORE) has voiced disgust with the bill, with president Manuel Burgos stating publicly on multiple occasions, &ldquo;What about smokers&rsquo; rights?&rdquo; <br />
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Yes, smoker’s have rights, tobacco is legal and the legality of it gives people who use it rights.&nbsp; Rights not to be tossed out on the street but treated equally as any other citizen.&nbsp; We say toss out WHO and tell them to mind their own business.<br />