Costa Rica

Costa Rican legislators have failed again to pass a anti-smoking bill.&nbsp; The political parties cannot come to an agreement on it.<br />
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It Doesn’t Get Any Better!

The Michigan Bar and Restaurant owners are &quot;Mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore&quot;!&nbsp;&nbsp; They are no longer going to allow any state legislator into any Bar and Restaurant, after passing a smoking ban.<br />
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The ban has collectively cost the state an estimated $200 million dollars in lost revenue through losses in jobs, business closings and to the state lottery.<br />
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Way to go Michigan!&nbsp; Let’s hope this protest spreads through the other 25 states who do not have a statewide smoking ban!&nbsp; People can make a difference and it doesn’t always have to be at the ballot box.<br type="_moz" />


Missouri is a cold state, with bitter winters.&nbsp; Summer is maybe four months, if they are lucky.&nbsp; People in Springfield, MO are complaining that smoking is allowed outside, in the summer, on patios.&nbsp; <br />
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They call smokers selfish, but nonsmokers can have their &quot;pure environment&quot; 8 or 9 months a year inside, yet still complain about a very short summer of smokers sitting on outside restaurant patios.&nbsp; Really?&nbsp; These people are never satisfied they want it all their way and they call us &quot;selfish&quot;.<br type="_moz" />


Kentucky is one of 25 states that does not have a statewide smoking ban.&nbsp; Recently, one county implemented one, Kenton County.&nbsp; It is only a partial smoking ban, smoking is allowed in adult bars.&nbsp; What happened, they are loosing business to other counties.&nbsp; Seriously, did they expect anything different?&nbsp; Oh right, they believed the American Cancer Society that smoking bans don’t effect business.&nbsp; How long are people going to be so gullible?<br />

DC Metro Area

In Prince Georges county, one neighbor is suing another for smoking in their own home.&nbsp; They brought in Jim Repace, a secondhand smoke consultant, to testify.&nbsp; In cross examination his testimony like his studies fell apart.&nbsp;&nbsp; The measurement he took in the house was the same as the courtroom’s which does not allow smoking in the entire building and in a nonsmoking casino.&nbsp; So much for Mr. Repace’s work and reputation.&nbsp; They spent a lot of money for nothing.<br />

Ottawa Citizen’s Concern

From a concerned anonomous citizen: <br />
<i>The way things are going, it will soon be impossible for smokers to light up anywhere but inside their own homes (assuming they don’t rent, that is), and many Canadians will be just fine with that. It’s hard to have much sympathy for people who knowingly poison themselves and those around them.</i>
<p><i>But Canadians should be wary of new anti-smoking regulations nonetheless. It’s dangerous to let governments pass laws that are far more restrictive than is justified by their stated purpose. If Ottawa’s council extends its smoking ban outdoors on the premise that it’s protecting people from secondhand smoke, it had better be sure of its science and be careful not to go too far.</i><br />
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We appreciate his sentiment but &quot;science&quot; is no longer required to ban or tax any legal product.&nbsp;&nbsp; What is dangerous is Fascism.&nbsp; We never learn from history on any topic.&nbsp; Hitler used the same science to justify banning smoking and killing 12 million people but that’s old news now, not chic for public to be historian’s.&nbsp; If it can’t be read on their smartphones they don’t care.&nbsp; If they wake up from their coma’s it will be too late.<br />
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Flame Retardant Chemicals

Flame Retardant Chemicals chemicals may cause liver, thyroid, and neurodevelopmental toxicity, according to the EPA. In addition, research has not shown that adding these types of chemicals can produce the intended benefit of saving lives, particularly compared to other interventions such as state laws requiring fire-safe cigarettes which extinguish rapidly when left unattended.<br />
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How nice of EPA to provide this study now since all cigarettes use flame retardant paper.&nbsp; The fight has gotten so vicious they don’t want us to quit, they want us dead.&nbsp; Who pushed this legislation?&nbsp; The American Cancer Society.<br type="_moz" />

Bloomberg At It Again

There is nothing worse than an ex-smoker and a billionaire.&nbsp; Bloomberg has now banned smoking on train platforms.<br />
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His approval rating is the lowest it has ever been, maybe his idea of Utopia isn’t what the little people think.&nbsp; When is this guy gone or is he going to try to buy himself another term?&nbsp; Must be nice to be so rich, the rules don’t apply to Billionaires.<br type="_moz" />

Rolling Your Own Way To Go

To avoid the outrageous taxes on a legal product people are rolling their own.&nbsp; DOJ has estimated that over 5 Billion dollars have been lost in taxes.&nbsp; Way to go, if there is a shop near you use them and let the bureaucrats and the anti’s whine a while!<br />