E-Cigs Win and Lose

&quot;The FDA officially announced that it would regulate electronic cigarettes like tobacco products. This is seemingly a victory for e-cigarette manufacturers and for consumers. The FDA tried to regulate e-cigarettes as drug devices, but lost the case&quot;.<br />

Greece Prime Minister Given An Award

Got to love them, the people of Greece are completely ignoring the smoking ban introduced last September!&nbsp; However, that didn’t stop the World Health Organization awarding the Prime Minister George Papandreou a World No Tobacco Day award for passing anti-smoking legislation in Greece.

Navajo Unrest?

Overstepping one’s authority, Navajo President Ben Shelly cannot enforce an executive order to ban smoking in public places on the reservation.&nbsp; The full tribe was not informed and there will be meetings held to discuss this amongst members of the Navajo nation.<br />

Creating a New Black Market

&quot;There is now so much money to be made by simply smuggling cigarettes from low-tax states to high-tax states, say government officials, that smuggling costs the nation as much as $5 billion a year in lost tax revenue&quot;.

Rockville, MD

A new bill has been introduced to ban smoking in some areas of multi-family residential dwellings.&nbsp; A hearing will be held on May 5 by the Health and Human Services Committee of the County Council of Montgomery County.<br />
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Another Civil War?

The CDC has proclaimed by the year 2020, there will be smoking bans in all fifty states.&nbsp; However, the southern states are not falling in line with imposed smoking bans.&nbsp; The goal of a smoke free planet is the Agenda of the World Health Organization, not the CDC.&nbsp; The original goal was 2010 since that didn’t work they added an additional ten years.&nbsp; World domination or nothing!<br type="_moz" />


Uninsured Pennsylvanians and health care advocates yesterday criticized state leaders’ plan to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars of state tobacco settlement money to the general fund after ending a low-income insurance program.
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Governor Jindal of Louisiana will not consider raising the tax on cigarettes.&nbsp; The Governor said it diminishes personal freedom.&nbsp; <br />
A sensible man. It is a shame there aren’t more of them.<br type="_moz" />

The Future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Edmund Contoski explains how &quot;employing government to achieve a socially desirable goal, home ownership, has led to the greatest economic contraction since the Great Depression&quot;, and why things aren’t likely to change anytime soon.

A New Columnist for Spring

Bill Brown is an Ohio based restarauteur and blogger, as well as&nbsp; a devoted, empassioned, and articulate opponent of the anti-smoking establishment. FORCES is proud to now feature Mr. Brown as a columnist. Here, Mr. Brown provides compelling criticism of a recent&nbsp; Ohio State Supreme Court decision.<br type="_moz" />