Outdoor Bans Not Justified

<p><i>Claiming the mantle of science only works when you&rsquo;ve got the facts to back it up, explains an expert who supported indoor smoking bans. Michael Siegel, a professor of community health sciences at Boston University, accuses officials of &ldquo;purposely avoiding the critical issue here, which is that secondhand smoke in parks is simply not a significant source of secondhand smoke exposure.&rdquo;</i><br />
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The heath nannies don’t need proof they just want smoking banned entirely by whatever means is necessary.<br />

Rethinking the Tobacco Ban

<p>The Save Our Pubs and Clubs campaign has prepared a report which claims traditional inner city pubs have suffered the most since the introduction of the ban four years ago this week.</p>
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Taxes are out of control in Connecticut, beginning in July there will be a tax increase on many items, including tobacco.<br type="_moz" />


While smokers in America sit back on their butts watching smoking bans being implemented along with enormous &quot;sin taxes&quot; and do not speak out, Europe isn’t.&nbsp; They are busy investigating ASH and calling for them to stop being funded by the government.<br />
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&quot;ASH&nbsp;receives huge amounts of money from&nbsp;the taxpayer and sadly, like so many publicly funded bodies with too much money and too little scrutiny it has NOT gone about its task well. ASH&nbsp;has now become a fat, over-staffed, political, and single-minded organisation hell bent on eradicating smoking from the face of the earth, <strong>by whatever means necessary</strong>.&quot;<br />
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Alabama legislators have rejected a smoking ban for the 15 year!&nbsp; The nannies are whining!&nbsp; <br />
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The legislators have chosen to allow people in their state the freedom to choose, we support that attitude!&nbsp; Freedom is what this nation is about not prohibition.<br type="_moz" />

Nanny State

&quot;If that pack of Marlboros is going to look like a page from a medical textbook, shouldn&rsquo;t bottles of Bud carry pictures of car crashes, or cirrhotic livers, or beaten wives?&quot;<br />
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People will still smoke, the proposed graphic photo’s are going to have little effect.<br />
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Michigan Rethinking Smoking Ban

Four separate bills have been introduced by state Reps. Doug Geiss, D-Taylor, Tom McMillin, R&ndash;Rochester Hills, and Tim Melton, D-Pontiac, as well as state Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, that would allow smoking in Michigan businesses in either smoking rooms, on outdoor patios or in licensed clubs, including veterans&rsquo; organizations.&nbsp;
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Bad Air In London

London’s bad air quality causes 4,000 deaths a year and cost the taxpaper 2 billion pounds a year.&nbsp; <br />
<p>&quot;Airborne pollution in the form of fine particulate matter emanates mostly from combustion sources, including transport, domestic and industrial sources, and aggravates respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. PM2.5 refers to particles of less than 2.5 micrometres.</p>
<p>Research shows these particles are likely to be inhaled deep into the respiratory tract and have a disproportionate impact on children due to their smaller lung capacity.&quot;</p>
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How interesting, since they don’t have smokers to kick around anymore, now the truth is coming out.&nbsp; <br type="_moz" />


&quot;Congressman Rick Wakeman of Pennsylvania. Wakeman has drafted legislation that would force companies to place graphic photos on the packaging of items such as beer and cell phones, among others.<br />
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&ldquo;It&rsquo;s not fair to pick on tobacco alone,&rdquo; Wakeman said. &ldquo;If this bill becomes law, it would become the largest consumer protection action to take place since Ralph Nader forced car companies to put seat belts in their cars and glass in their windshields.&rdquo;<br />
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Check out the label on sports cars.<br />