Virginia Beach

The Chesapeake Beach Civic League voted to support a proposed smoking ban along Chicks Beach and plans to present an online petition to City Council.<br />
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In the State of Virginia, no county, city nor town may have a law that is different from state law.&nbsp;&nbsp; The City Council has no authority to pass any nonsmoking law on the beaches.<br />


Riff Raff&rsquo;s has slapped a federal lawsuit against the City Council and the Mayor to stop the smoking ban in Indianapolis which will begin in three days.<br type="_moz" />


The French are mad about the restrictions on smoking indoors and outdoors and they are taking action.&nbsp; The Union for the Rights of Adult Smokers (UDFA), representing 12.5 million smokers in France has been formed to stop rising cigarette taxes and smoking bans.<br />

Important Petition

You can petition the White House almost as effectively as a lobbyist by completing this petition.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you are a smoker or believe in less government interference in your personal lifestyle choices, there is something you can do today. It is time to get special interest out of the White House and out of Washington, D.C. &nbsp; Please sign this petition today, right now!&nbsp; <a href="">Click here</a>.<br />


The Dutch government has abandoned its efforts to curb tobacco smoking in their country.&nbsp; They believe it is an individual lifestyle choice and that government should not be making decisions for the people.&nbsp; The health nannies are squirming that they have gone against Big Pharma and the World Health Organization<br />
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This is a major victory for all freedom loving individuals on this planet.&nbsp; It can be done and has been done.&nbsp; We hope more countries take follow in the footsteps of the Netherlands!<br />


The State House of Illinois has approved an additional $1.00 tax on cigarettes, it has yet to be passed by the State Senate.&nbsp; This new tax is being lobbied by the American Lung Association in all 50 states.&nbsp; They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get this regressive tax passed, if they spent that money on research for various respiratory illnesses the country would be healthier.<br />
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Illinois already receives $9.1 billion dollars per year from the Master Tobacco Settlement till the 2025.&nbsp; If you have never contacted your state representative, now is the time to do so.&nbsp; You can reach them by<a href=""> clicking here</a>.<br />

Obama A Pot Head?

According to a new book called &ldquo;Barack Obama: The Story,&rdquo; smoked pot in high school.&nbsp; We assume he also smoked pot through college and we definitely know he smoked cigarettes until last year.<br />
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Instead of being sympathetic to smokers, he raised taxes on tobacco to fund SCHIP and he also set up&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="st">The Family Smoking Prevention Act, in 2009. That act transferred tobacco to the FDA, which is now trying to put graphic labels on cigarettes, a case that he may very well lose in the Supreme Court.<br />
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It is interesting to note that those of privilege always think the rules do not apply to them, just to the peasants. Based on his background and behavior he is a hypocrite.<br />


Ohio’s statewide smoking ban is constitutional, the state Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday.
<p>The court rejected claims by a Columbus tavern owner that argued the fines charged for violations were an illegal taking of property, violating the state’s legitimate police powers.<br />
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This is a shame, the Court wasn’t given the appropriate information that second hand smoke is not harmful but just a twisted tool of the anti’s who use numbers as if it was clinical evidence which it is not.</p>


From Michael Siegal blog today.&nbsp; Lorrilard had recently bought a company who makes e-cigarettes, and they are now encouraging smokers to use them. Is this an embarrassment to the anti-smoking zealots.&nbsp; Yes, it is.<br />