New York

State legislators still haven’t given up the idea to ban smoking in all public parks and recreation areas.&nbsp; <br />
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New York has a very active pro-smoking group CLASH who is on the case.&nbsp; Go get them Audrey!<br type="_moz" />

Marijuana Smoking

President Obama, said on the Barbara Walter’s show,&nbsp; &ldquo;It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it&rsquo;s legal,&rdquo; he said.&nbsp; <br />
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Said by a man who has smoked one or two reefers in his life.&nbsp; Too bad that his war is still against tobacco smokers, we hardly see the difference.<br type="_moz" />


According to the FDA and ASH found that Chantix had a higher occurrence of major adverse cardiovascular events &mdash; including death, MI, and stroke.<br />
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Why is this drug still on the market?<br type="_moz" />


Everyone once in a while smoker’s have a win and this is one of those times. Johnson County, in Indiana was about to impose a total smoking ban indoors and outdoors beginning January 1.&nbsp; The blow back on this legislation by smokers made the County Board do a 180, there will be no smoking ban in Johnson County!&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
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If people spoke up and complained we wouldn’t have any smoking bans, smoker’s would not be kicked outside.&nbsp; Complain or lose your rights to freedom, liberty and the American way.<br />
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Playbook Of WHO

<p><a href="">Researchers</a> in the US have begun to argue that corporations which produce junk food are the <a href="">new big tobacco</a>. They claim that, like the tobacco companies before them, corporate food giants are portraying themselves as reputable companies who take their social responsibilities seriously, when in reality they care little about the spiralling &ldquo;obesity epidemic&rdquo; they are in large part responsible for creating.<br />
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Maybe all the lawyers and researchers will find another occupation once they have dominated the globe to their egotistical will.</p>

New Study

A gene determines whether or not a cigarette tax will deter smoking.&nbsp; Hard to believe that anyone is giving money for this nonsense.&nbsp; The simple answer is people like to smoke and they don’t like being told what to do with their own body.<br />

Seattle, Washington

You can smoke marijuana and tobacco at Frankie&rsquo;s Sports Bar and Grill in Olympia.&nbsp; If you live in the area say hello to Frankie for us and enjoy the smoke of your choice.<br />

Illegal Cigarettes

This study examined a very special case: a poor neighborhood in the Bronx,&nbsp; where there’s a lot of illegal activity going on in general,&nbsp; in a city with an exorbitant cigarette tax situated near much lower taxed areas.&nbsp; They found 76.2% did not have New York cigarettes stamps.&nbsp; Wasted money, we already know high cigarette tax produces crime just as it did in Prohibition.<br />