Hot Dogs As Dangerous As ETS

We have said for many years that &quot;science&quot; can be manipulated to come to a preconceived conclusion and here is yet another example.<br />
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&quot;Warning: Hot Dogs Can Wreck Your Health&quot; is the new warning on a billboard near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which sold 1.1 million hotdogs last year. The graphics on this billboard have four grilled hotdogs in a pink cigarette pack depicting crossed bones and a skull in place of a brand label. This display says it all, and it could be scary to the average hotdog lover.<br />
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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (<a href="">PCRM</a>) has started the &quot;Cancer Project,&quot; and warning folks of the dangers of hotdogs as their latest project. This non-profit group wants to prevent and treat disease by encouraging people to eat an &quot;all plant&quot; diet.

EU Considering Graphic Photos

The European Union is considering putting graphic labels on cigarette packages.&nbsp; However, entrepreneur’s have already been producing stickers to place over those pictures that say &ldquo;Nobody likes a quitter&rdquo; and &ldquo;Live fast, die young.&rdquo;

Benefits to Smoking

Yep, there are.&nbsp;&nbsp; Male joggers won’t need knee replacements.&nbsp; You probably won’t be obese nor suffer from Parkinson Disease.<br type="_moz" />


<a href="">A study</a> of the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) of July 14, 2011, reveals that in 2,928 participants, 12 to 19 year old, hearing loss&nbsp; was 14.9 percent from 1988 to 1994. That percentage increased to&nbsp; 19.5 percent in 2005-2006 among 1,771 participants. That is a 31% increase in deafness.</a><br />

Concern Over WHO

Should we be concerned about the World Health Organization?&nbsp; Yes, we should.&nbsp; Why?&nbsp; Because they keep putting out research on a variety of topics from cell phones, causing brain tumors, to a possible increased risk in having cancer from eating pickled vegetables.<br />
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The World Health Organzation is unelected, unaccountable and using unproven evidence to push their agenda on the public.

FOIA Request Must Be Fufilled

Scotland.&nbsp; Legislation is being proposed in many countries to have cigarettes in plain packaging with up to 70% of the package showing grotesque anti-smoking photographs.<br />
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Phillip Morris has tried for almost a year to get hold of the full details of a project about smoking and young people. Stirling University has so far refused, and claims PMI is trying to disrupt its work.<br />