People Enjoy It? Ban It!

<p align="justify">It may be news to many readers&nbsp;but swimming with&nbsp;dolphins is an activity that many people enjoy, not only for specific therapeutic benefit, the focus of the article we link to, but also for its sheer pleasure.&nbsp; Pleasure is therapeutic for any human, but it should come as no news at all to regular FORCES readers that <em>anything</em> humans find pleasant, is displeasing to the Anti mentality.</p>

Freedom2Choose Video Channel

<p align="justify"><img alt="" hspace="4" align="left" vspace="4" src="" />In a big wave from across the Great Pond, our&nbsp;Freedom2Choose friends give a tip of the hat to the hard work and accumulation of scientific evidence at <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Forces international</strong></a>.</p>

The Earth Is Flat

<p align="justify">Anti telegraphs her message from coast to coast and across the wide flat Earth. If the planet was round we&rsquo;d all roll off.</p>

Cut Out Their Tongues

<p align="justify">Australian bar owners, stung by smoking bans, are trying to stay alive by promoting newly and often expensively installed beer gardens. Anti’s ears sting when she hears such solicitations. She demands they be&nbsp;silenced&nbsp;under force of the law.</p>

Better than Nothing? No, Trash!

<p align="justify">Here we have a textbook example of what many in the smokers’ rights movement would consider a &lsquo;better than nothing&rsquo; piece and tend to use it, while instead it should be utterly trashed. This piece is worth the time for a rational analysis of the foundations of the tobacco control scam.</p>