Should Breastfeeding be Required by Law?

If breast milk is healthier for infants, would government be justified in mandating breast feeding? Edmund Contoski examines the slippery slope that results when government uses health and safety as a justification for encroaching on our liberty.<br type="_moz" />

Injustice in Canada

The Canadian Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case of Smoker’s Choice club owner Mike Kennedy leads Robert Prasker to consider the dangers of allowing&nbsp; tobacco control to operate as if it’s above the law.<br type="_moz" />

Another Way to Kill Obama Health Care

FORCES columnist Edmund Contoski provides detailed analysis on what’s wrong with Obamacare, and suggests how to put an end to it. Recommended reading for those seeking clarity on the real implications of Obamacare, and how such a government program further distances America from the intentions of its Founders.

Abusing the System Through NGOs and CSOs

FORCES President Maryetta Ables outlines the structure of the international special interests that are imposing progressive policies on sovereign governments around the world, including the government &quot;of the people, by the people and for the people&quot; of the United States.<br type="_moz" />