Juul, the vaping sensation that dominates 70 percent of the US e-cigarette market, has tried to cultivate the image of decent corporate citizen that wants to play by the rules. Juul pledged to spend $30 million over the next three years on youth smoking prevention and to support Tobacco 21.

Juuling is not vaping, it is mostly nicotine and not the normal formula as other vaping devices.


The news media and activists like to hype e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products as a health hazard, but the reality is that e-cigarettes could help save smokers’ lives.

Vaping can help you stop smoking tobacco, find a flavor you like and just try it. Worked for me and I had no trouble adjusting, never missed a cigarette. Now no one knows that I still do something I enjoy!

Better Late than Never

Ten years in, public health advocates are calling Iowa’s smoking ban a success.

Iowa’s Smokefree Air Act was signed by then-Gov. Chet Culver in 2008, effectively banning the use of cigarettes in most of the state’s businesses and public facilities.

Iowans were persuaded by research showing secondhand smoke is detrimental to health. For years, the danger of secondhand smoke was beyond all reasonable doubt. However, newer research is raising skepticism about the threat posed by secondhand smoke, and the effectiveness of smoking bans like Iowa’s.