Don Jacobs has written an article about a proposed outdoor smoking ban in parks on the basis of litter. He opposes a ban.<br />
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When were you in a park that had ashtrays?&nbsp; We haven’t seen them.&nbsp; What is usually there sometimes is a large metal garbage can filled to the brim with flammable material. Is this where one should toss a lit cigarettes?&nbsp; Perhaps you should and if a fire oh well.<br />

Canada Supreme Court

Anything you own can be expropriated without due process and without compensation say the We have just lost one of our most important freedoms necessary for the existence of a truly free and democratic society. <br />
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The right to life and the right to property go hand-in-hand &ndash; you can&rsquo;t have one without the other.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">&nbsp; </span>When Parliament resumes sitting in September, Canadian Alliance will be introducing a motion calling for property rights to be entrenched in the <i>Charter of Rights and Freedoms</i>,&rdquo; promised Breitkreuz.

United Kingdom

<p>A proposal to ban smoking in private cars has been agreed by peers and sent to MPs for consideration.</p>
<p>Lord Ribeiro saw his Smoke-free Private Vehicles Bill nodded through the Lords but the plan will inch closer to the statute books only if it is adopted by an MP in the Commons.</p>
<p>The bill would outlaw smoking in cars which are carrying children, with a penalty of a smoke-free awareness course at a first offence, or a &pound;60 fine.</p>


Cigarette smuggling quadrupled the last two years in Maryland reported by Comptroller Peter Franchot.<br />
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This is what happens when the cigarettes taxes are too high, people would rather buy them off the back of the truck than give additional monies to the state health nannies.<br type="_moz" />

Wasting Tax Dollars

Public health officials in La Crosse County will use part of a $450,000 state grant to persuade more landlords to ban smoking in their apartment buildings. <br />
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Your tax dollars at work.<br />

San Francisco

SF is considering a outdoor smoking ban but would allow medical pot to be smoked.&nbsp; What is with California, too much sun and fun must make them brain dead.<br type="_moz" />

Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, city officials were set to go the opposite direction passing strict new apartment smoking rules that would require smokers to register with their landlord and the landlords to distribute a map to where smokers live to all residents in the complex.
<p>However, the Santa Monica City Council unexpectedly reversed course at its Tuesday night meeting according to the Santa Monica Patch. After passing the ordinance on a 4-2 vote at its July 10 meeting, the ordinance failed to its required second reading before becoming law.&nbsp;</p>


<i>&quot;Nearly two out of three people believe that smoking should be completely banned by 2025, according to the results of our latest poll of site visitors according to;.</i><br />
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Needless to say this is not a scientific poll, nor should it be taken seriously.&nbsp; It is obvious that the individuals who responded were health care advocates.<br type="_moz" />


<span>Ohio higher education officials have voted unanimously to urge the state’s public campuses to ban use of all tobacco products, both indoors and outdoors.<br />
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Another decision that we are sure will be ignored.<br type="_moz" />

Failed Smoking Bans

Jeremy Richards, Ph.D.has asked the Atlanta City Council to reconsider an outdoor smoking ban which was just voted on last week.&nbsp; Dr. Richards lists smoking bans that have failed.<br />