After 9 p.m., most bars are opened to smokers.&nbsp; Sounds like a good place to visit.<br type="_moz" />

Maybe, possibly?

A chemical believed to be carcinogenic has been detected in electronic cigarettes, casting further doubts on how safe it is to use them.<br />
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Glycidol &ndash; designated by the World Health Organisation as a &ldquo;probable carcinogen&rdquo; &ndash; and acrolein, an irritant to the eyes and respiratory system, are the latest potentially harmful compounds found in e-cigs. Scientists will try to determine if the components occur in quantities to cause problems to users.<br />
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Possibly? WHO is grabing at straws!<br type="_moz" />


The debate still rages whether or not e-cigarettes are safer to use than regular cigarettes.<br type="_moz" />

H.R. 2058 Repeal FDA Deeming Regulations

Call your Congressional <a href="">Representative</a> and <a href="">Senators</a> to support HR 2058 which would repeal FDA deeming laws on e-cigarettes,&nbsp; right now it is stuck in the Subcommittee on Health.<br />

New Regulations on E-cigarettes being in the fall.

As of September, new laws surrounding the sale, promotion and use of e-cigarettes will come into effect. While local retailers and producers say the restrictions are needed, they are tired of &ldquo;vapes&rdquo; being treated like tobacco.<br />
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The government&rsquo;s announcement says the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, &ldquo;is designed to protect youth from the unknown effects of e-cigarette vapour and from becoming addicted to nicotine, which is why it will treat e-cigarette use exactly the same as tobacco, with the same bans and restrictions.&rdquo;<br type="_moz" />


Gov. Eddie Calvo on Friday vetoed legislation that would have raised Guam&rsquo;s minimum age for a person to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.<br />
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Starting today, it could become much more difficult to vape in Indiana.<br />
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A new state law taking effect July 1 requires all e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers to have a state permit to do business. Getting that permit is proving to be very difficult, nearly impossible in many cases, and the new regulations set security guidelines that effectively give a single private company the ability to decide which products will be available in the Hoosier State.<br type="_moz" />