A petition is being circulated in California to raise the tax on cigarettes by $1.00 per pack, this initiative is being backed by the American Lung Asssociation. This additional tax would fund student financial aid at the University of California and California state.<br />
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This seems to be pretty bogus.&nbsp; Student loans are given out and guaranteed by the Federal Government as well as Pell grants, there is no need for this tax and it surely will find its way to the general funds, not financial aid.<br />


Four months after health commissioner John Dalli resigned over alleged industry attempts to influence the EU Tobacco Products Directive, European lawmakers are preparing to re-examine the draft legislation. A majority of European lawmakers appear to back further EU proposals for tobacco regulation but face opposition from pro-industry colleagues and the 100-strong cohort of Brussels tobacco lobbyists nicknamed &ldquo;Goliath&rdquo; by anti-smoking campaigners.<br />
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It is time these people have some major resistance, power had gone to their heads.<br />
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President Putin, has signed a new law banning smoking in public places. From 1 June smoking will be outlawed in offices, playgrounds and station entrances, with a ban on restaurants, bars and long-distance trains following a year later. <br />
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They don\’t expect the people to comply.<br />
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New Hampshire

Last week, Governor Maggie Hassan presented her proposed budget to the New Hampshire Legislature. Hassan’s proposal would rely on a 30-cent increase on <b>cigarette taxes</b>, bringing the total tax on cigarettes of $1.98.


Senator Joseph Hardy presented before a legislative hearing a change that would only apply to medical facilities hiring new employees, all new hires could not be smokers.<br />
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The ACLU of Nevada is keeping their eye on this potential change. &quot;To allow an employer to control the private lives of their employees is something that has been rejected historically,&quot; said Allen Lichtenstein with the ACLU of Nevada.<br />
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According to the conservative Mackinac Center for Public Policy, cigarette smuggling and other tobacco tax dodges are increasing in Michigan.<br />
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That’s what happens when you have a $2.00 tax per pack.<br type="_moz" />


Despite support by Oklahoma Governor Marry Fallin in her recent state-of-state address, an Oklahoma Senate panel yesterday defeated a measure that would have allowed municipalities to pass stricter tobacco ordinances than those at the state level.

R.J. Reynolds

A new website,<a href="http://www.transformtobacco.com/Pages/default.aspx"> http://www.transformtobacco.com/</a> continues to provide updated information on proposed cigarette tax increases and the impact that such higher taxes will have on retailers. In addition, an interactive state map provides information for each state on proposed cigarette and other tobacco product tax increases, illicit trade of cigarettes, smoking restrictions, bans on vapor (electronic cigarette products), tobacco harm reduction and prevention of tobacco sales to underage youth. By clicking on a particular state on the map, the visitor is provided with background on pending legislation, facts on the dollar amount of cigarette taxes being collected by that state and a link to send an e-mail message directly to the visitor&rsquo;s own state representative and state senator.<br />
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A good source to be able to voice your opinion and take action against new taxes or smoking bans.<br type="_moz" />

Hard To Believe

That the American Cancer Society and the Tobacco companies actually agree on something.&nbsp; What is it?&nbsp; The Affordable Care Act&nbsp; allows insurance companies to charge smokers 50 percent more than patients who do not use tobacco. This stipulation goes into effect in 2014. It can only be changed by the state.<br />
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If both sides were really serious about this discrimination against smokers, it would never have appeared in the act to begin with.<br />
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