EU: Soviet-style Show Trials for Smokers

Germany’s popular Das Bild newspaper is reporting that a new 31 page report from the European Union (EU) contains recommendations for draconian anti-smoking measures including &quot;sensationalist prosecutions designed to shock the public.&quot;<br />
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Oops, birth weights are falling

Much has been made by tobacco control of low birth weights being &quot;caused&quot; by smoking and to back that up they had the fact that birth weights since the 1950’s had indeed been rising while smoking rates had been declining. (B follows A so A must have caused B right?)<br type="_moz" />

Smokers Can’t Have A Happy Marriage (Apparently)

The news article we link to here is an odd one; while anti smoking news headlines are more common than snow in the Arctic this one differs because the headline, – &quot;Dreams Of Happy Marital Life Ruined Through Drinking and Smoking&quot; – is so removed from the article it introduces that it is beyond laughable.<br />
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Keep Turning Left

At a time when the western world is moving ever further towards Marxism and falling over themselves to remove freedoms for our own good Forces Columnist Edmund Contoski takes a look at the slide from capatilism to collectivism that this thinking inevitably allows.<br type="_moz" />

Anti Tobacco Attack "Medical Smokers"

Public health officials in Milan, Italy, have called for urgent steps to reduce the number of health care professionals who smoke after a survey found that 44% of new medical students were current smokers. The urgency was stated because high levels of smoking among health care professionals undermines the credibility of anti smoking campaigns.<br />
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Absolutely right it does! <br />
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It actually tells us that the medical students are fully aware of dose response relationships, statistical correlations and health scare junk science. A smoking rate twice as high as the general population also tells us that anti smoking propaganda doesn’t work on people who are educated in the subject.<br type="_moz" />

Stanton Glantz: Nuclear Movie Critic

A character in James Cameron’s PG-13 blockbuster&nbsp; &quot;Avatar&quot; smokes. Anti-smoking activists claim they want to protect children from portrayals of smoking in movies. Don’t be fooled.&nbsp; <br />
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As Robert Prasker explains, anti-smoking isn’t likely to draw the line at only censoring films marketed to children. <br type="_moz" />