Geopolitics doesn’t stop Philip Morris

The decline in relations between Washington and Moscow has not damaged tobacco giant Philip Morris&rsquo; business in Russia, according to the company. &quot;We don&rsquo;t see any special difficulties since our production is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. Not only are we a Russian producer, but also a Russian exporter,&rdquo; Aleksey Kim, corporate affairs director at Philip Morris Russia told RIA Novosti.<br />

UK Study Disarmes Youth Vaping to Smoking Myth

Does teen vaping lead to teen smoking? It&rsquo;s the most pressing question in the battle over vaping regulations. In most countries regulatory strategy is predicated on the belief that for young people vaping could serve as a gateway to smoking. But is it true?&nbsp;

Cross-party group of MPs launches inquiry

MPs are to carry out an inquiry into e-cigarettes amid concerns there are &quot;significant gaps&quot; in what is known about them and how they are regulated.<br />
The science and technology committee will look at their effectiveness as a stop-smoking tool and the impact of their growing use on health.&nbsp;

The Anti

A nostalgic look back to 2010. The Anti is a short documentary about the anti-smoking lobby and its strategies. In the film, we talk with Wiel Maessen of Forces and Carl Simons from the dutch anti-smoking lobby Stivoro. &nbsp;


Anchoring bias is the common tendency for people, including experts, to not adjust their beliefs enough in response to evidence. For example, a medical treatment might be widely believed to be effective, but later when some research is done, the studies find no benefit. The correct response to this is &ldquo;we were just wrong; it does not work,&rdquo; but the anchoring tendency is to think &ldquo;well, I guess it does not work quite as well as we thought.&rdquo;&nbsp;