You have two more days to smoke in Indianapolis before the smoking ban takes effect, July 1.&nbsp; Enjoy your last smoke indoors, because the ban will change your life dramatically.<br />
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Tobacco Control Tactics

Today, June 28th, marks the launch of a cooperative effort by unpaid grassroots individuals from a number of different countries and areas who belong to a number of different free choice organizations. That effort is this website, Tobacco Control Tactics (TCT), and was inspired by a website recently launched from the UK’s University of Bath under the name Tobacco Tactics (TT).

A Way Around Taxes

Scotland’s supermarkets owners have found a way around paying outrageous taxes to the government by removing cigarettes from supermarkets and only selling them at gasoline stations.&nbsp; By doing this they will save 95 million pounds over three years.<br />
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Got to love it when a plan comes together!<br type="_moz" />

Hall of Shame

Dr. Michael Siegal, takes on State Senator Kemp Hannon, for "Promoting a ban on electronic cigarettes because they, rather than regular tobacco cigarettes, pose "a dangerous threat to the health and safety of New Yorkers."

South Africa

Health authorities are working at tightening South Africa’s anti-smoking laws, proposing a total ban on indoor smoking and even making it illegal to puff away in open spaces such as beaches.<br />
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The health ministry will throw open the proposals to the public in discussions next week.
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New York State

Former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, now turned lobbyist, defeated a bill in New York which would have shut down many roll-your-own cigarettes companies.<br />
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However, their will be another legislative session in November so the fight is not over.&nbsp; This is a small victory for all mom and pop stores.<br />

Prop 29

Is finally dead, the anti’s waved the white flag today.&nbsp; The LA Times said it was a victory for Big Tobacco, no it wasn’t, it was a victory for smokers!<br type="_moz" />


London has the one of worst air pollution in Europe. Levels of small particle pollution &mdash; which causes health problems including heart attacks and lung cancer &mdash; are high.<br />
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Apparently the smoking ban has not produced &quot;clean air&quot; as all the anti’s claim.<br type="_moz" />


Smokers in California are protected under under California Employment Law.&nbsp; They cannot be fired or not hired because they smoke.<br />
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If you are being discriminated against because you are a smoker read on.<br />