Dr. Attacks Smoker By Car

Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson got so angry that a man was smoking outdoors in the garage that he yanked the cigarette out of the man’s hand, then tried to hit him with his car.  Dr. Thompson faces felony charge of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Juncker: The ‘chain-smoking’ Eurogroup chief

<p>Sources say that the head of the euro group was asked by security to leave the room yesterday for smoking too much.&nbsp; Interesting, how much is smoking too much?&nbsp; One would think smoking would not be allowed at all since the EU wishes to ban smoking in all countries.</p>

Tulane University

The American Cancer Society is campaigning for smoking free college campuses including the outdoors.&nbsp; The student writing this article has done his homework.&nbsp; In 2008, the British Medical Journal published the <em>Enstrom</em> and <i>Kabat</i> Study, took place over a period of 39 years.<br />
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Airport Smoking Lounges

Five of the largest airports have smoking lounges that are well ventilated and far from the usual airport traffic.&nbsp; With all the hassles of flying these days there should be a smoking lounge in every airport of this country, not just five.<br type="_moz" />


The new tax plan in Altanta does not include additional taxes on Tobacco.&nbsp; The ACS, is complaining, the want to add an additional tax of one dollar in every state.&nbsp; The ACS mission is to educate the public, which difffers from where they started to find a cure for cancer.&nbsp; Lobbying local legislators does not fall into educating the public!<br type="_moz" />


The Prime Minister was caught smoking a cigarette on his Presidential airplane.&nbsp; Apparently smoking is allowed for the Elite, not anyone else.<br type="_moz" />

Alberta, Canada

Three towns in Alberta have passed legislation that does not allow smoking in your private care with children under the age of 18.&nbsp; The problem with the ban is that they don’t have enough policemen to enforce this new law.<br type="_moz" />


Cape Girardeau residents are having a hot debate about a smoking ban in their town. The Chamber of Commerce does not support the smoking ban nor do many who work in the hospitality industry.<br />


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<p>Beer will go up by 4p a pint, wine by 15p a bottle and a bottle of spirits by 54p from midnight on Sunday. The increases implement a Labour decision to raise alcohol duty by 2% above the RPI measure of inflation.</p>
<p>Radical changes to tobacco duty add 50p to a pack of economy cigarettes and 33p to premium cigarettes.</p>
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