On September 14th the Government of Canada published the results of the 2014-15 Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Survey (CSTADS).1&nbsp; Among its findings, the CSTADS showed youth smoking rates were at an all-time low at 3%.&nbsp; On the other hand, marijuana remains the most used substance by Canadian youth after alcohol (40%) with a usage rate nearly six times that of cigarettes.<br />
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&quot;We all recognize there are important health risks associated with smoking and the fact that kids should not smoke&quot; said Eric Gagnon, Head of External and Corporate Affairs for Imperial Tobacco Canada. &quot;But when 3% of Canadian youth smoke cigarettes versus a rate of 17% for marijuana and four out of five youth are drinking alcohol, one has to wonder why these health lobby groups seem unilaterally focused on lobbying for plain packaging of tobacco products&quot; added Mr. Gagnon.<br />
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Because they are being paid to be anti-tobacco, that’s why!<br type="_moz" />

New Study From England

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SOUTHAMPTON, England, September 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –<br />
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In the most comprehensive chemical comparison to date between smoke and e-cigarette emissions, scientists at British American Tobacco (&quot;BAT&quot;) have found evidence that e-cigarette vapour* has significantly lower levels of toxicants than conventional cigarette smoke.<br />
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Analysis of vapour emitted by the Vype ePen – a commercially available e-cigarette manufactured by Nicoventures, a company owned by BAT,&nbsp; – revealed that toxicant levels in e-pen vapour were 92 to 99% lower (depending on which regulatory list of toxicants is used)&nbsp; than in cigarette smoke. The findings were published today in Chemical Research in Toxicology, a peer-reviewed publication by the American Chemical Society.<br />
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New Study on E-cigarettes

New research out of the United Kingdom indicates that the use of e-cigarettes may have helped thousands quit smoking. The study was published Wednesday in the British Medicinal Journal.<br type="_moz" />

Tobacco is growing in Raleigh, N.C.

The U.S. Tobacco Cooperative of Raleigh has broken ground on a major expansion of its tobacco production and cigarette plant facilities about 20 miles north of Durham as part of a plan to improve efficiency and transport of its products around the world.<br type="_moz" />

At it again!

The anti’s are back trying to keep the FDA deeming regulations.&nbsp; These people just can’t keep their noses out of our business!<br type="_moz" />