Stanton Glantz " Expert, or Extremist?

Glantz is a professor of medicine in the cardiology division at the University of California, San Francisco, and one of the most influential anti-tobacco activists in the world.<br />
It&rsquo;s hard to overstate how influential Glantz has been in the campaign against e-cigarettes. He&rsquo;s one of the most prolific authors of anti-vaping papers. He regularly appears in the media to complain about vaping &ndash; more so than any other activist. His work is the most commonly cited by the full range of vaping opponents, from Wikipedia to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. So who is he, really, and what does he want?&nbsp;


The British government&rsquo;s regulation of what we can buy, sell, eat, drink and smoke is out of control. According to the Institute of Economic Affairs&rsquo; Nanny State Index, Britain is the third worst country in Europe when it comes to nannying and nudging the public into government-approved lifestyle choices. Our capacity and autonomy to live our lives as we see fit is under threat.&nbsp;

The poverty of politics and tobacco policy

The Japanese Government is caught in a trap of its own making &mdash; pitting cigarette tax revenue against public health. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has drafted a set of new measures to stop passive smoking as Tokyo braces for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, calling for a total smoking ban on the premises of public facilities such as schools and hospitals and imposing penalties on violators.

What do we know about snus?

Snus is a moist, smokeless powdered tobacco. It is sold as a loose powder or pre-packaged in a small sachet (a bit like a mini tea bag). It contains ground tobacco, salt and may contain food-grade smoke aroma flavourings, such as citrus, bergamot, juniper, herb or floral flavours. Most Scandinavian snus is produced in Sweden where it is regulated as a food under the Swedish Food Act. &nbsp;


&nbsp;A growing number of employers are refusing to hire people just because they smoke or dip. In some cases, adult tobacco users have even been fired from their jobs just because they use tobacco products during their free time, and that&rsquo;s not right.

A nation of ‘busybullies’

The land of the free has become the land of the busybody.Where vices are concerned, from prostitution to marijuana to tobacco, even to sugary drinks, the United States has become a place where citizens use the power of government to bully each other into submission.

Key life lessons from smokers

<div style="margin-left: 40px;"><span style="color: rgb(93, 93, 93); font-family: Georgia, &quot;ITC Century W01 Light&quot;; font-size: 17px;">A smoker&rsquo;s need for nicotine transcends tribe, county, level of education and the amount of money each one has in their wallet at that point of need; that is why you will find total strangers lighting one another&rsquo;s cigarettes on the streets or at designated smoking points. They are not&nbsp; suspicious of a fellow smoker that suddenly stops before them in the street, hand outstretched, holding a cigarette.</span>&nbsp;</div>