And so it begins

There is a three prong attack on the people recommened by the Wold Health Organization, subsided by Big Pharma, for the last 20 years.&nbsp; Tobacco, Obesity and Alcohol why?&nbsp; Because they have developed drugs or vaccines for all three.&nbsp; The same logic is behind all of them.<br />

Valencia, Spain

<div style="border: medium none; text-align: left; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); overflow: hidden; text-decoration: none;">Valencia business owners in the sector are demanding changes in the law to stop their businesses suffering the &lsquo;catastrophic&rsquo; effects of the ban. El Mundo reports some 200 protesters at the demonstration.<br />
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Another protest is due on February 21 outside of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid.<br />
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North Carolina

Another challenge to the smoking ban in Greensboro is being made by the owner of Gate City Billiards Country Club. &nbsp; The owner of the Club has installed ventilation and has a closed membership of 3,500. &nbsp;

Boehner on Smoking

When the new Speaker of the House was interviewed by Brian Williams regarding his smoking, Boehner said &quot;It’s a legal product, I choose to smoke. It’s what I do.&nbsp; Leave me alone.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; If only more people would speak up and say the same, we wouldn’t have smoking bans.<br type="_moz" />


Mayor Bloomberg would like to set a trend in outdoor smoking however others disagree and believe it is too intrusive.&nbsp; Boston has a a bill which will be introduced within the next few weeks to ban outdoor smoking. Majority of people believe that is going to far.l<br type="_moz" />

Fordham refuses smoking ban

Fordham University has decided not to implement an outdoor smoking ban.&nbsp; While outdoor smoking bans have been implemented at 400 universities, they have caused a great deal of debate and demonstrations.&nbsp; <br type="_moz" />

Student cries Liberty!

What has long been forgotten in the &quot;tobacco wars&quot; is the word LIBERTY. <span class="vcard author"><a href="/profile/mathew.davoli">Mathew Davoli</a>, a student reminds us of this valuable lesson.<br />

North Dakota

The ND legislators voted down a bill that would raise cigarette taxes from 44 cents per pack to 85 cents.&nbsp; <br type="_moz" />