Emory Univesity

<div>&quot;Emory University implemented a new no smoking policy on its campus to help ring in the new year. The ban, which took effect Jan. 1, goes beyond a basic no-smoking policy and even bans smoking in privately owned vehicles. That means that students, faculty and visitors to either the university or an Emory Healthcare facility will not be able to smoke in their own vehicles&quot;.<br />
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This is so wrong on so many levels one barely knows where to start, however, in your own car?&nbsp; I think not.</div>


The war in Indiana is still continuing in 2012 to ban smoking in all indoor places.&nbsp; There is doubt that it will be passed unless there is an exemption for bars.&nbsp; Voice your opinion with <a href="http://www.in.gov/legislative/index.htm">your legislator</a>.&nbsp; You can make a difference!<br />
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Free choice is slipping away from the American people, replaced by a nanny dictatorship.&nbsp; Adults can make up their own minds on where they wish to eat and drink or work.&nbsp; Isn’t that the definition of free enterprise?<br />

Smoking and Working

Twenty nine states have laws that protect smoking workers from discrimination by employers.&nbsp; It is time the other states get on board and pass similar laws.&nbsp; An employer does not own your body, you do.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
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If this discrimination is allowed to continue who’s next?&nbsp; Obese individuals? People with high cholesterol, drinkers, diabetics?&nbsp; This is a slippery road that should not be allowed to continue.<br />

CDC and Pfizer

We are not the only ones who have a problem with a government agency merging with Big Pharma.&nbsp; Welcome Audrey Silk, Founder, Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.) in New York, who now has a blog with the Huffington Post.<br />