The Maine State Housing Authority is imposing a new smoke-free policy in all future units, making Maine the first state to require protection of tenants from secondhand smoke in new units.<br />
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Right pick on poor people who have no choice.<br type="_moz" />

Fairfax County, Virginia

<span class="BodyCopy">Fairfax County officials may consider requiring all county-employed smokers to enroll in wellness programs to snuff out their bad habit.<br />
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Show us a clinical study that proves smokers cost additional health care cost.&nbsp; Smoking, drinking and overeating is all legal and as long as it is get over it.&nbsp; Government has no right to modify behavior.<br type="_moz" />

New Zealand

<p>There is a movement in New Zealand to charge $20.00 for a pack of cigarettes by 2016.&nbsp; Many disagree with this proposition, because life in New Zealand is extremely difficult.&nbsp; Malnourished, clinically depressed, and living a daily grind with no respite in sight, cigarettes are one of few pleasures in a life with little hope.<br />
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Francois Hollande, the new socialist president of France, is now going to impose a160-percent increase in the tax on beer.&nbsp; This is just one more example of a &quot;nanny state&quot; which will only lead to a thriving black market and a major blow to the hospitality industry. A very foolish move.<br />

Los Angeles

<a href="">Measure H,</a> a proposed tax on the city of El Monte’s ballot, includes within its reach beverages that contain any amount of fruit juice concentrate.<br />
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Is this the way we want to live in America, the land of the free and the brave?&nbsp; Why are we being reduced to 3 year olds who can’t possibly make our own decisions?&nbsp; We say NO to a nanny state!<br type="_moz" />

Letter To The Editor

Missouri, Proposition B would raise the tobacco tax more than five times the current tax. It would go from $1.70 to $9 per carton. Missouri does have a low tobacco tax, but a more than five times increase is obviously pure greed.<br />
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We agree.<br type="_moz" />