"You will eat want we tell you to eat"

&nbsp;&quot;You will eat want we tell you to eat&quot; – fussbucketry on our TVs<br />
The clip starts with one person presenting how standardised packaging for &quot;junk food&quot; would look – this is accompanied by &quot;ewwww&quot; sounds from the others round the table as they agree they’d never eat something packaged like that. &quot;But I wouldn’t eat it anyway&quot; giggles one of the participants.

US village votes to challenge FDA

The Village of Hartland, Wisconsin, USA, is getting ready to bring the vapor battle to the U.S. capital. Leaders of the small village of 9,200 residents voted this evening to take on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not coordinating with local governments before the regulatory agency enacted it&rsquo;s deeming regulations for vapor products. If the FDA admits it failed to coordinate with Hartland prior to enacting the deeming rule, those regulations would become unconstitutional.<br />
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Cash WASTED in anti-smoking classes

A FRESH foreign aid row erupted yesterday after it emerged that Britain was paying for anti-smoking classes in some of world&rsquo;s most corrupt countries.<br />
In a move branded &ldquo;astonishing&rdquo;, the Department of Health is giving &pound;15million in taxpayers&rsquo; money to a host of regimes with appalling human rights records. &nbsp;