A new bill has been introduced to ban smoking in some areas of multi-family residential dwellings. A hearing will be held on May 5 by the Health and Human Services Committee of the County Council of Montgomery County.

The Premium Cigar Association objects to this ban, "Legislated smoking bans are an affront to freedom loving citizens everywhere. It should be left to the property owners to determine whether or not smoking would be allowed in these areas,” said Chris McCalla.legislative director of the IPCPR, as association of some 2,000 retailers and manufacturers of premium cigars, pipes, fine tobaccos and related accoutrements.

“Ridiculous,” said McCalla. “Secondhand smoke is hardly problematic from a health standpoint. However, people who smoke – whether it is cigarettes, fine cigars or aromatic pipes – should be courteous to others. Courtesy and civility should prevail, not onerous legislation that some would say is unconstitutional.”

Welcome to the fight fellas!



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