We interrupt our publishing vacation with updates on Britain’s National Smoking Day.

Organizers of the ban-busting British National Smoking Day (New Year’s Eve and incidentally every day forevermore) tell us: "Hundreds if not thousands of venues are already breaking the law outright or with illegal smoking areas and others plan to join them on New Year’s Eve."

The Smoking Day campaign was launched by non-smoker James Wilson, who was inspired by the experience of another non-smoker, pub owner Hamish Howitt, who has courageously fought anti-smoking oppression. More and more people of all walks and across the globe are starting to "get it." This is not about smoking.

Activists have been spreading the word (it’s "defiance") throughout the country, particularly via the internet, at pubs, and at street demonstrations. We include below a selection of related videos in the "Hairy Chestnuts" series by Phil Williams, images from and of the activists, and some of the press coverage. Have a happy and very defiant 2008. This is only the beginning.

Links for Phil Williams videos follow below. (Click on episode title to access directly through our Multimedia Portal. Alternative links via youtube, in parentheses, are also provided.)

1.) Choice – A disinclination to freedom is an inclination to Fascism. (youtube)

2.) Anyone Caught Smoking Will Be Exterminated – Anti-smoking relies on terrorizing the citizenry. (youtube)

3.) Not Looking Forward to National Smoking Day – Tyrants fear the popular will. (youtube)

4.) They Are Smoking – Tyrants must be defied. (youtube)

5.) Total Compliance – Defiance can dethrone anti-smoking. (youtube)

6.) Government Lies versus People Power – Disobedience is real power. (youtube)

7.) Coming Soon – The time to face down petty tyrants is now and forever. (youtube)

8.) Happy New Year – Those who fight for liberty shall live in liberty. (youtube)

9.) Kicking Hitler Up the Arse – A metaphorical suggestion for 2008. (youtube)

10.) Today! – Cowering is not living. (youtube)

11.) My First Smoke – Invite the lash if ever you expect to break it. (youtube)

12.) My Second Smoke – Your freedom never came from the government. (youtube)

13.) My Third Smoke – Freedom requires constant exercise and merits eternal respect. (youtube)

14.) A Whole Night of Smoking – A lifetime of freedom awaits those who will have it. (youtube)

National Smoking Day images and press coverage:



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