Anti-tobacco’s drive to eliminate smoking is 100 percent successful for 10 smokers in the United Kingdom. Expect the program to be expanded. Health honchos report that 10 people committed suicide after taking the anti-smoking drug Chantrix. The likelihood of these former smokers relapsing is estimated to be zero. The smoke-free Brits join 37 Americans who also solved their addiction problem by suicide. An additional 24 people moved to the "cured" category by shaking off life’s cruel coils by checking out permanently, although their deaths are not listed as suicide.

Despite the death toll following the introduction of the highly promoted Chantrix this story blithely reports that there is no evidence that the powerful drug was a factor in any of the deaths. Of course not. The media know what side its bread is buttered on and dissing, or even investigating, the pharmaceutical industry runs counter to any news organization’s marketing plan. Without drug advertisement much of our "free" press would be out of business.

Nonetheless some facts do seep out from the anodyne press. The number of smokers embracing the Chantrix solution reporting adverse side effects has doubled in the past seven months in Britain alone. In the United States all airline pilots and air traffic controllers have been forbidden from hooking themselves up to Chantrix.

Pfizer, Chantrix’s manufacturer, replies to the hints of displeasure with its stop-smoking miracle drug by noting that "stopping smoking, with or without treatment, is associated with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the exacerbation of underlying psychiatric illness."

The so-called symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal end in five days to a week. The suicides occurred after this period. Calling people crazy who kill themselves because of severe depression caused by a drug that alters the brain is an example of corporate callousness that should give ethical anti-smoking activists pause. Since ethics is as hated as much as is tobacco, expect no inquiry by these activists. Consider also that most of their salaries are provided by drug company grants. The anti-tobacco activists’ silence over the Chantrix death toll will be deafening. The deaths are merely collatoral damage from an agenda that long ago graduated from bossy officiousness to coercion that is increasingly becoming deadly.



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