Ten thousand people marched through Paris this past Wednesday to protest the upcoming draconian French smoking ban.

France teaches:
Marching against the "public health" ayatollahs

"No to the Ayatollahs", says the sign that rightfully compares the ministry of "health" to fanatic fundamantalism; "Yes to a law that forbids to forbid". A direct political confrontation with the pharmaceutical forces of "public health" seems to be the only way.

On Tuesday business owners had tried petitioning for compromise measures to the Health Minister. Their description of her response — "total blockage" — is exactly and the only response ever to be expected from the Health Reich.

The French Health Ministry, like so many others world-wide, is now an effective and absolute dictator, answerable to no one. French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot knows that. Those who would reason with a fascist may have learned.

At any rate they responded with force. Tobacconists, hospitality industry workers, smokers, and their friends, took to the streets again Wednesday as they have done before.

The numbers are growing. So must defiance. So must rage. So must real understanding. Smoking bans are the mere tip of something very profound and terribly ugly. In France, and elsewhere, culturally and politically revolutionary change must occur. Change may come through popular force of will exerted effectively by means necessary. "Compromising" with fanaticism is very foolish and altogether impossible.

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